Visy enters the Americas

Visy will pursue growth in the US market through a new partnership with Vanaheimr.

Visy Oy and Vanaheimr, LLC announced an agency partnership between the companies in which Vanaheimr will provide business development and after-market services in the Americas on Visy’s behalf.

The relationship will improve the sale and service of Visy Access GOS, Visy IRIS OCR, and Visy Train Gate in the Americas. Until recently, Visy has not had a strong presence outside of Europe and has therefore not provided its technology to a large part of the world. Now, through this partnership, Visy technology will be readily available for ports and terminals in North, South and Central America.

The Gate Operating System (“GOS”) for ports, terminals and intermodal facilities has become a mission critical system for all operations. The partnership between Visy and Vanaheimr will make it easier for operators to adopt Visy products.

“We are pleased to be working with Vanaheimr in the Americas,” said Petri Granroth, General Manager, Visy. “We believe that the Americas is an important and strategic region that can benefit from our technology. Vanaheimr has the industry experience and knowhow to help us service this growing market. Furthermore, Visy will release several new solutions in the coming months and it’s critical that we have the right partnerships in place before we launch.”

“Visy provides world-class access and area control solutions for ports, terminals, and rail operations,” said John Lund, General Manager, Vanaheimr. “I’m excited that Vanaheimr will have this opportunity to help Visy expand in the Americas and also help operators in the region to make the right decisions in their quest to automate.”

Globally, Visy is helping more than 40 terminals and 100’s of logistics providers to automate their operations. The Visy partnership with Vanaheimr will extend Visy’s reach to service customers in the Americas.