Decades of Consistency

Visy has a history of innovation. Since 1994 we have been developing and delivering IT solutions to industrial facilities to promote efficiency. Every Visy system ever deployed has been done to achieve three clear business objectives: 1) Reduce operating expenses; 2) Optimize safety and security; and 3) Increase capacity/usability.

Since 1996 Visy has been a market leader in the marine and intermodal terminals markets. Our optical character recognition (OCR) software for license plate recognition (LPR) and container number recognition were designed specifically for maritime and logistics gate applications. The company holds various patents for intellectual property rights including line scan imaging.

In 1998 Visy entered the border traffic control market and delivered an automatic gate solution to the Finnish Customs Agency. This is currently the largest EU border traffic control system and is the standard on the Continent. Visy has supplied more EU border traffic control solutions than all other vendors combined.

Visy’s R&D strategy has been clear from the company’s inception: develop and provide the highest quality and most flexible software on the market and integrate the latest hardware to perfect the solution. The rationale for the approach is clear. Software is the driver behind improving our customers’ businesses.

The hardware used has become commoditized and there are plenty of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components available for integration. By ensuring that the software is the best available, hardware can be upgraded and integrated without adverse disruptions to our customers’ operations.

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As we look to the future, we will continue to maintain our customers’ competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Our partners and customers will continue to be among the largest ports, terminals, customs agencies and integrators in the world.

Indeed we are expanding and building upon our sound history.