Solving Problems with IT

Visy takes pride in solving operational problems for our customers. We specialize in gate automation and access control solutions in four main sectors; Ports and terminals, Customs agencies and border crossings, Intermodal and rail operations, and Industrial facilities. Our solutions enable our customers to streamline processes and therefore save money and increase productivity.

We have industry expertise in the markets we serve and as a result we are leaders in our chosen sectors. For example:

  • Each day our systems manage more than 5 000 000 access and area control decisions in more than 25 countries
  • Visy Alarm Gate is the largest, longest running border traffic control system (i.e. Customs Authority database) in Europe with more than 100 000 000 events and counting
  • Visy IRIS OCR has correctly identified more than 750 000 000 containers, trains, trailers, and license plates since the company was founded
  • The return on investment for our customers is generally 6 – 12 months

We are confident in our solutions and we stand behind everything we sell. Our pledge to our customers is simple, if you can think of an access control scenario that our Gate Operating System (GOS) has not accounted for, we’ll develop it for free. Speak with a Visy representative to learn more about how we can help your business.