Visy AREA is a recently developed extension for the wide suite of Visy solutions. The intelligent solution tracks and traces all movements and locations of vehicles within an area with vision technology and our in-house AI software. Visy AREA is an ideal addition to a gate operating system with its advantages in improved tracking features.

Visy AREA monitors and shares location information and identification details of vehicles (such as license plates) in cooperation with the terminal’s gate operating system. The solution combines vehicle tracking with Visy OCR solutions at entry and exit points, which capture vehicle details such as license plates, cargo details (type, container and trailer numbers, IMO labels), and anomalies such as damage. Vehicle details are available throughout the monitored area, and vehicle locations and travel paths are plotted in real time on a 3D map, such as Google Maps.

AI-based vision technology behind Visy Area

Extensive in-house experience and expertise with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has given a tremendous boost in the possible uses of our photo and video-based solutions.