Visy IRIS OCR Software & RFID Devices

Up to 99,5% recognition rate

Visy IRIS OCR is a recognition software for license plate(LPR, ANPR), container IDs (CCR), and other markings, designed for environments where automated, agile, and accurate identification is required. The software is an application module which can be seamlessly included into your existing software platform and interfaced with various RFID hardware if needed. Customers using Visy IRIS OCR software include organizations operating in ports & terminal facilities, logistical environments, parking business, and law enforcement.

Our in-house OCR software relies on a tried and tested neural network-based recognition engine which adapts to all license plate nationalities and types. The recognition rate of Visy IRIS OCR software is up to 99,5%, calculated from all traffic, including vehicles with unrecognizable plates. Despite its 20-year history, Visy IRIS OCR software has adopted the most up-to-date deep learning techniques representing state-of-the-art accuracy and speed. 

RFID Devices – Accurate and scalable identification technologies

Visy’s automated access control solutions combine multiple identification methods, for example both OCR and RFID. A wide selection of (resell) high-performance RFID devices for vehicle (including long-range identification), driver, and personnel identification includes multi-application readers and tags that support smooth traffic flow for people and vehicles.

CCR Software with up to 99,5% accuracy
ANPR & LPR Software with up to 99,5% accuracy
Wide range of RFID devices for vehicle and personnel identification