Case Study

Automated GOS case study

Automated Access Control System at Helsingborgs Hamn AB

Helsingborg Hamn AB

Helsingborg, Sweden


  • 2 Truck OCR Portals for automatic container recognition and damage
    inspection images from all sides
  • 11 License plate recognition cameras with barriers (FAAC)
  • 8 Self-service kiosks (Gordion) with touch screen, fingerprint reader, ticket
    printer, driver camera and intercom
  • 2 Long range active RFID readers (Nedap) for internal terminal equipment
  • GSM modems for opening barriers remotely by mobile phone


Installation November 2014
System startup December 2014
Full TOS integration March 2015

Gate automation case study, Port of Helsingborg


The Port of Helsingborg is Sweden’s second biggest container port, making it an important cog in the machinery of Swedish trade and industry. With its unique location on Öresund and convenient access to rail and road routes, HHAB is well situated to offer efficient services to any customer over sea and land. Handling around 280,000 TEU from shipping and around 170,000 TEU from land transports yearly and with more growth foreseen, HHAB is keen on providing good service to all its customers.


With increasing traffic numbers foreseen for the future, HHAB has set out to improve efficiency in the gate operations and increase the safety for the whole port. At the end of 2013 HHAB set out to create one central gate for the whole port. Traffic through this gate will serve four different clients with their specific needs for access control. The solution would need to cope with the local weather conditions and close vicinity to the sea. During installation the port will be in full operation and all equipment is expected to last for at least 10 years.


Based on the road layout and project requirements by HHAB, the deployed Access Control System by Visy Oy incorporates technologies for OCR, RFID and biometrics. Installed in one entry and one exit portal, Visy Gate OCR utilizes IP cameras for automatic vehicle and container identification. High-quality pictures from all sides are saved and easily accessible for gate personnel. In all weather conditions during day and night, these pictures can be used to check cargo for any damages.

To manage the driver interface, cameras and self-service kiosks at the 4 entry and 2 exit lanes enable vehicle identification, based on automatic front license plate recognition, and driver identification by RFID card, PIN code or fingerprint reading. The Visy Access Gate system is fully integrated with the terminal operating system, PORTIT, to provide complete process automation for drivers with pre-booked cargo tasks.

The installed Visy Access Control System has enabled HHAB to run the central gate with minimal staffing requirements and very short port access times, allowing personnel to focus on  delivering optimal service. Combining robust hardware with proven software solution of Visy Access Gate, HHAB central gate can be regarded as the Swedish reference point in port gate automation; improved terminal performance and reduced truck waiting times, knowledge of who is inside the port at all times, efficient service and more satisfied customers.