Planning and Consulting

Optimization is based on customers' key operational metrics

Clarifies the functionalities and benefits of automated gate processes

Identify your operational bottlenecks

Visy has over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering demanding access control environments and automated gate solutions. Access Control & Terminal Layout Design takes advantage of our vast insight and experience to ensure fitting solutions for our customers, and to clarify and demonstrate the functionalities and benefits of our automation solutions. 

We plan and design optimized solutions for each customer by taking into account the capacity, requirements, and possible limitations that a facility and operation may have. Designing access control systems is based on key operational metrics (traffic data, planned gate processes and dimensions) and customer suggestions. The same solution can easily cover complex access control environments while also including traditional building and warehouse access control.

Visy’s access control ecosystems range from simple gate areas to complex industrial environments with demanding interface requirements and high throughput.

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