Automated vehicle gates for industry & logistics

Scalable and modular access gate and area control management systems; from small industrial areas to large centralized environments.

Centralized management of vehicles and assets

Scalable from a local system to a corporate-level management solution

Integration with ERP & other third-party systems


Visy Access Gate – automated vehicle gate & access control system is designed to manage all traffic of vehicles, personnel, and visitors in industrial facilities and logistics centers. Our solutions enhance production, optimize safety and security, and meet all access and area control needs within a facility. We provide comprehensive vehicle gate access control systems for industries that demand efficient gate operations, seamless logistics solutions, and systems that integrate information exchange seamlessly.

With Visy Access Gate, our customers automate gate operations while managing safety-related obligations. Our proprietary access control management system offers flexibility across a wide range of products, from simple, off-the-shelf local systems to highly customized and complex installations. User-friendly applications and robust management tools for reporting and planning provide comprehensive support for existing system bases and networks, enhancing our customers’ operational efficiency.

Advanced Automated Vehicle Gates for Seamless Operations

Our professional project management and skilled team deliver sophisticated vehicle access control gate systems designed to maximize the benefits of process automation. Our global network of high-quality partners minimizes response times, and the 30 years of experience in delivering access and area control environments for industrial and logistics facilities ensure top-tier automation solutions and support worldwide.


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Centralized access control and automated vehicle gates; all managed with Visy Access Gate.

Access Control Management System Products for Industrial Sites & Logistics Centers

smart traffic management system

Smart Traffic Management System | Visy Access Gate

Visy Access Gate is a highly versatile access and area control ecosystem designed to automate and manage all traffic of visitors, vehicles, and personnel in industrial facilities and logistics centers.

vehicle booking system

Vehicle Booking System | Enhanced Efficiency

Visy’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a solution for booking, preparing, and managing visitor traffic. VBS provides terminal operators identification data of vehicles and cargo in advance, therefore saving time at the terminal’s gate area.

Container OCR | Visy Truck OCR Portal

Visy Truck OCR Portal automatically recognizes and images vehicles and containers that are entering or leaving a facility, without the need to interrupt traffic.

Visy Rail OCR Portal with Visy Train Gate user application

Visy Rail OCR Portal automatically images train traffic and extracts data of wagons and containers that are visiting the terminal area. The imaging environment automates the whole train traffic management procedures by providing...