Industry & Logistics

Scalable and modular access and area control solutions; from small industrial areas to large centralized environments.

Available as turnkey solutions

Centralized management of vehicles and assets

Scalable from a local system to a corporate-level management solution

Visy Access Gate – gate automation environment is designed to manage all traffic of vehicles, personnel, and visitors in industrial facilities and logistics centers. System solutions complement production, optimize safety and security, and cover all access and area control needs within a facility. We deliver comprehensive access control environments for industries that have a high demand for streamlined gate operations, invariably functioning logistics solutions, and systems that seamlessly exchange information with each other.

With Visy Access Gate our customers do both; automate gate operations and handle safety-related obligations. Our in-house software brings flexibility to our wide selection of products, ranging from light ready-made local systems to heavily customized and complex installations. User-friendly applications and extensive management tools for reporting and planning provide comprehensive support for existing system bases and networks, boosting our customers’ business operations.

With our professional project management and skilled team, we deliver demanding system solutions designed to achieve the highest possible advantages of process automation. Our global high-quality partner network minimizes reaction time and our 30-year experience in delivering access and area control environment for industrial and logistics facilities guarantees top-class automation solutions and support worldwide.

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Centralized access control environments where all traffic is managed by one system.

Products for industrial sites & logistics centers

Visy Access Gate

Visy Access Gate is a highly versatile access and area control ecosystem designed to automate and manage all traffic of visitors, vehicles, and personnel in industrial facilities and logistics centers.

Vehicle Booking System

Vehicle Booking System (VBS) for booking and preparing terminal visits and managing visitor traffic.

Visy IRIS OCR & ANPR Software

Visy IRIS OCR is a recognition software for license plates (LPR, ANPR), container IDs, and other markings, designed for environments where automated, agile, and accurate identification is required.

Visy OCR Portal

Visy IRIS OCR Portal automatically recognizes and images vehicles and containers that are entering or leaving a facility, without the need to interrupt traffic.

Visy Touch

Transaction checkpoints with versatile uses and applications.