Increased container handling efficiency and reliability

Visy RMG OCR images and identifies containers while they are being handled by RMG cranes. The system captures images of both short sides of containers to acquire identification data such as container IDs and ISO codes.


Container OCR for seamless operation

Fixed camera system is mounted on the legs or beams of the cranes in favorable height for the spreader’s flying paths and connected with PLC/CCS to trigger the imaging events. The camera system captures high-quality images, and the Visy container OCR software recognizes the attributes with high recognition rates of 98-99%. The digitized container data is exchanged with TOS in real-time to get the advantages of more accurate and efficient operations.

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Increase container handling efficiency and reliability.


Visy Crane Gate user application for data management

The RMG OCR enhances reliability in terminal operations with high OCR results and by smoothly exchanging the information with TOS and other third party-systems in real-time. The results are brought to Visy Crane Gate user interface where you can easily review captured data of each container and cargo, do exception handling, check images, and export reports.

Enhances accuracy, safety, and realiability
Improves productivity
Compatible with any CHE brand


Visy container OCR for automatic recognition of attributes such as container IDs, ISO codes, IMO/ADR labels, door direction, seal presence, gross weight

Robust recognition equipment to match the environment and use case (all system design by Visy, hardware off-the-shelf)

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with TOS and third-party systems

Terminal tractor identification features with both OCR and RFID

Customizable user application Visy Crane Gate

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