Visy Alarm Gate

Automated traffic control for law enforcement, customs, and borders

Visy Alarm Gate is a traffic control system for law enforcement, customs, and border control authorities. The intelligent solution automates identifying processes by imaging and recognizing license plates and providing alarm functions for vehicles of interest. Automated processes with nonstop 24/7 operation eliminate human errors and enhance security.

Versatile solution

Visy Alarm Gate can cover an unlimited number of checkpoints and cameras within a single centralized system solution. The solution supports recognition of vehicles, trains, containers, and dangerous goods labels with numerous identification and device options, including in-car cameras. Visy Alarm Gate is a flexible solution with various configurations and can be easily adjusted or expanded according to customer requirements.

Comprehensive management

Visy Alarm Gate supports databases of hundreds of millions of vehicles and traffic events and the solution’s management and performance analysis tools help to plan future operations. Simple user-friendly interfaces and smooth integration to external security and monitoring systems ensure effortless data exchange with different authorities and agencies.

Enhances accuracy, safety, and security
Reduces operating expenses
Increases throughput capacity


Nonstop 24/7 operation 

Automated imaging and identifying of license plates and other markings (LPR, ANPR)

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems 

Management tools for reporting and performance analysis