Visy Rail OCR Portal

Efficient rail cargo OCR and condition imaging

Visy Rail OCR Portal automatically images trains, wagons, and containers and extracts recognition data of passing cargo. With Visy’s OCR engine and AI recognition software, the system environment identifies container IDs, wagon numbers, ISO codes, dangerous goods labels, and other interests while cargo is entering or leaving a terminal area. The solution provides rail and intermodal terminals the advantage of automatically captured images, accurate identification data, and accelerated processes to enhance operational productivity and to improve terminal’s services.

Rail OCR Portal captures high-quality images in any environmental condition

Visy Rail OCR Portal utilizes Visy’s industry-leading OCR and AI software with line scan cameras, laser scanners, and efficient illuminators. The solution captures highquality images in any environmental condition, regardless of possible dirt or damages, even with speeds of up to 70 km/h. The gathered data is validated by OCR software to hit high rates in recognition accuracy. High-quality images provide access to retrospective inspection and keeping a record of the condition of containers, therefore helping rail terminal operators shed liabilities for containers that arrive damaged.

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The OCR portal environment complements and supports terminals’ existing information networks

Visy Rail OCR Portal’s equipment and management application create a single intelligent traffic management environment. The portal environment complements and supports terminals’ existing information networks with smooth data exchange to other systems. Automatic cargo imaging and recognition improve containers traceability, increase cargo handling volumes, and streamline the flow of trains and cargo. 

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Enhances accuracy and security
Reduces operating expenses
Clears liabilities for damaged containers


Exceptional accuracy: 97-99.5 % correct recognitions 

Automatic recognition of container IDs, wagon numbers, ISO codes, IMO and ADR labels

Automatic imaging of containers, tanks and trailers

Non-stop traffic flow, supports speeds of up to 70 km/h

Damage detection – High-quality images for rewieving container condition (See also ADDS)


Robust portal frame with line scan and area cameras, laser scanners, illuminators, and electrical cabinets

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)

Interface and user application between a customs’ inspection X-ray system, and rail cargo company

Practical management application for daily operations

Applications for container terminals, logistics, manufacturing industry, law enforcement

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