Planning & Consulting

We build access control ecosystems from local small-scale environments to large nationally centralized systems

We collaborate closely with our clients to plan and design our cutting-edge smart gate environments, such as the Visy Access Gate, tailored to their needs. By comprehensively understanding each site’s unique characteristics, requirements, and preferences, we ensure that our smart gate environments and OCR applications seamlessly support their operations. Our thorough approach includes strategic planning of access control procedures, mapping of system integrations, and innovative gate equipment design, resulting in a dependable system deployment that facilitates smooth everyday traffic flow.

With over two decades of experience in delivering intelligent gate environments and OCR applications, Visy possesses unparalleled expertise. Our deep insights and extensive experience enable us to deliver solutions perfectly aligned with your requirements. We utilize advanced system modeling and simulation techniques to illustrate the functionalities and advantages of our gate and terminal automation solutions.

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