Rail & Intermodal Terminals

AI powered imaging applications to streamline the flow of traffic while providing increased clarity for cargo traceability.

Automatically capture container ID and image rail cargo

Match rail cargo with manifests and work schedules

Integration with TOS & other third-party systems

The extensive ecosystems of rail and intermodal terminals require advanced solutions to support operators’ daily cargo flow and business aspirations. Our product selection includes automation solutions with AI-powered OCR software and robust equipment environments that automate time-consuming tasks and streamline the entire management of train and cargo traffic.

Automated container identification and imaging ensure smooth flow of cargo as well as help rail terminal operators shed liabilities for containers that arrive damaged. An extensive management tools for reporting and planning provide comprehensive support and complement terminals existing system network.

With our professional project management and skilled team, we deliver customized and demanding solutions designed to achieve the highest possible advantages of automation. Our global high-quality partner network minimizes reaction time and our experience in rail and intermodal terminal industry guarantees top-class solutions and support worldwide.


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Automated container and wagon recognition boosts operational growth and saves costs.

Products for Rail & Intermodal Terminals

Visy Rail OCR Portal with Visy Train Gate user application

Visy Rail OCR Portal automatically images train traffic and extracts data of wagons and containers that are visiting the terminal area. The imaging environment automates the whole train traffic management procedures by providing...


Visy RMG OCR images and identifies containers while they are being handled by RMG spreaders. The solution automatically acquires container IDs, damage inspection images, and location information as containers are moved at...