Visy Access Gate icon

Visy Access Gate

Visy Access Gate is a highly versatile access control and gate operating system (GOS) designed to streamline operations by automating gate processes.

Visy Alarmgate icon

Visy Alarm Gate

Control and security for international border crossings. Comprehensive system for automated imaging, recognition, alarming, and storing of all vehicle, cargo train, and container traffic data.

Visy Train Gate icon

Visy Train Gate

An automated solution for identifying and tracking trains and commercial containers/cargo. The system increases efficiency, security and accuracy of records and reduces operating expenses.

Visy Crane Gate icon

Visy Crane Gate

Visy Crane Gate (Crane OCR) automatically images and identifies container codes and properties while the container is being handled by cranes.

Visy LPR icon

Visy Licence Plate Recognition

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) tool for automated access control, traffic monitoring, law enforcement etc. for any environment.

Visy Container OCR icon

Visy Container Recognition

Automatic container OCR recognition software for truck portals, train portals, harbor cranes etc.

Visy ADDS icon

Visy Automatic Container Damage Detection System

Laser based Automatic Container Damage Detection System for gate and crane opertations, for automated recognition of damages, alarming and archiving of images.