Evolving Automation Ecosystems

Say hello to the world’s first Automatic Damage Detection System!

Visy ADDS uses modern AI and vision technology to provide a real-time tool for detecting damaged containers. The solution enhances automation in container terminals, clears liabilities for damaged containers, and helps to protect cargo.

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Access Control & Layout Design

Designing access control systems is based on key operation metrics (traffic data, planned gate processes and dimensions) and customer suggestions. Visy’s access control design...
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Support & Maintenance

Visy’s goal is to provide long-term system solutions. To succeed in this, we have comprehensive support and maintenance services that guarantee a long life-cycle to our solutions...
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News & Insights

  • Container Management article: Visy reports strong demand for new OCR use cases

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  • Visy to deliver Truck and Rail OCR Portals to October Dry Port facility in Egypt

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  • COMPACT: Faster and more efficient software via automation

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  • Visy attends TOC Connect 26th-27th October

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