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The future-proof partner for all smart gate, access control, and terminal automation needs. With Visy systems, our customers identify and manage all traffic of cargo, vehicles, and people in demanding environments of container terminals and industrial facilities all over the world.

We are dedicated to build ever better, more efficient, and easier-to-integrate system solutions with our world-leading AI-based OCR technologies.

Visy ADDS – The world’s first Automatic Container Damage Detection System

Visy ADDS uses modern AI and vision technology to provide a real-time tool for detecting damaged containers. The solution enhances automation in container terminals and clears liabilities for damaged containers.

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Support & Maintenance

Visy’s Support & Maintenance program complements the solution offering with proactive care and continuous improvement. The services are designed to ensure uninterrupted system performance, safeguarding your operations, and enhancing security measures...
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Planning & Consulting

We collaborate closely with our clients to plan and design our cutting-edge smart gate environments, such as the Visy Access Gate, tailored to their needs. By comprehensively understanding each site’s unique characteristics, requirements, and preferences...
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Visy TopView spreader OCR system delivers the advantages of terminal automation in the most compact package possible. 📦

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Visy Oy

Sustainable values are driving the development of operations at APM Terminals Gothenburg, Sweden. 🌱🌍

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