People with Vision: Johanna Parviainen, Support & System Specialist

Meet Johanna, the sun lover who is always ready and willing to jump on a plane for a commissioning trip. Having her at the office means that the work gets done, equipment is sent to the world, and all the while our customers are provided with kind and expert support service.


Who are you?

My name is Johanna. I’m a Support & System Specialist at Visy.

Your background? Studies, work experience?

I studied at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and I have a bachelor’s degree in ICT. Before Visy I worked as a receptionist in a hotel among other customer service jobs.

When did you learn that you wanted a career in ICT? What factors influenced your choice?

I realised that the hotel world wasn’t my thing after all. I’ve always been pretty handy with PCs and enjoyed tinkering with them, so I thought why not! That’s how I found myself studying in Pori. Later, when I only had my thesis left to write, I started looking for internships. I heard about Visy and went on their website to see what they were about. Working at Visy sounded so different, but in a good way, so I sent them an application and here I am!

When did you join Visy? What were your work tasks at that time?

I joined Visy in autumn 2021 as an intern and continued working here after my internship ended. I started working in support and got familiar with all the equipment that we have. Soon I also went on my first commissioning trip with a few colleagues.

What are you doing today at Visy? How have your work tasks changed over time?

Currently, I work mainly in support. I’m also one of the people at Visy who preconfigure the equipment that gets shipped out to the world. On top of that I’ve had the privilege of working as a project manager. Working as a project manager has felt the most rewarding of all because you get to be involved with every step of the way. Going on a commissioning trip at last and getting to see the end result after all the work you’ve put into a project is the best feeling. So I could say work is versatile!

Why do you like Visy as a workplace?

Everyone at Visy is so helpful and nice, so it’s always a joy to go to the office and see everyone. Every day is different and I get to work on something new all the time, so working here never gets boring. I love traveling and fortunately I have had the chance to visit customer sites abroad as well, so that is of course a bonus too.

What do you like to do in your free time? What are your interests? Do you have a strong passion towards something outside of work?

In my free time I like to work out, play video games and see friends and family as much as I can. Like I mentioned above, I love to travel. Working here has given me the opportunity to travel for work and outside of work. Last year alone in my free time I got to go to Latvia, Italy, Spain and Egypt! Just walking around the streets abroad and looking at everything new and exciting makes me happy. I love different cultures, food, people and of course the sun that we don’t see in Finland most of the year.