Port of Helsingborg selects Visy’s Automatic Access Control System

Visy has been awarded a contract for the supply and service of an automated gate operating system (”GOS”) at the Port of Helsingborg (”HHAB”), Sweden. The centralized GOS serves four different HHAB clients, each with their specific needs for access and area control.

The Visy Access GOS includes: Visy Access Gate enterprise software for access and area control, 2 truck OCR portals for automatic container recognition and line-scan damage inspection imaging, 11 license plate recognition (“LPR”) lanes with barriers, 8 self-service kiosks with touch screens, fingerprint readers, ticket printers, driver cameras and an integrated intercom system, long-range RFID readers for internal terminal equipment, and GSM modems for opening barriers remotely by mobile phone.

”Our new Central Gate is a real improvement for the Port of Helsingborg,” said Oskar Jonsson, Project Leader at HHAB. ”By centralizing shipments by lorry, we have created a solution that gives us complete control over the flow of traffic. Thanks to the Visy Access System, in conjunction with our terminal operating system (”TOS”), PortIT, we can now automate the flow of traffic. This saves both time and money, not just for us, but also for our customers, who often visit us every day. With this solution, we have succeeded in turning different criteria and regulations set by the authorities into something positive that we and our customers can benefit from.”

The Visy Access GOS streamlines HHAB’s processes. Cameras and self-service kiosks at the exit lanes enable vehicle identification based on automatic front LPR and driver identification by RFID card, PIN code or fingerprint reading, and therefore reduces the time per gate event and the amount of man power required. The Visy Access GOS is fully integrated with HHAB’s TOS, PortIT, to provide complete process automation for drivers with pre-booked cargo tasks.

”Northern Europe is Visy’s home market and as such we’re very pleased that the Port of Helsingborg selected us for this important gate automation project,” said Petri Granroth, Managing Director of Visy. ”The Visy Access Gate GOS delivered to HHAB will save the port time and money on every single transaction. We’re proud of our port automation solutions and are happy that we have the opportunity to raise the automation bar in Sweden.”

The installed Visy Access Control System enable HHAB to run the central gate with minimal staffing requirements and very short turnaround times, therefore allowing port personnel to focus on providing high-quality service to their customers.