Visy AREA Track-and-Trace application & SensEye for traffic counting

Vehicle location track-and-trace and traffic counting based on vision technology

SensEye – Vision technology & AI applied for traffic counting

SensEye is a camera-based solution for identifying vehicles and traffic counting. The system keeps track of passing vehicles by creating unique identifiers for each vehicle, while concealing individual license plate numbers. This allows monitoring traffic flows from one point to the next without compromising privacy protection.


Compact traffic counting equipment

SensEye is a compact unit consisting of a small camera, embedded recognition hardware and battery, which enable traffic counting at the desired location for a period of one week at a time. Because of the convenient and agile setup, traffic counting can be performed at several checkpoints to obtain a wide picture of the traffic flow.


traffic monitoring

Visy AREA – AI software for traffic monitoring

Visy AREA is an intelligent track-and-trace software application which recognizes and tracks all movements and locations of vehicles within an area. Powered by vision technology and AI software, this disruptive technology is an ideal addition to existing area surveillance and vehicle recognition (ANPR, LPR). Visy AREA opens up new possibilities in delivering better parking and logistics optimization, increased customer satisfaction, and making the observing of the area and traffic easier.





Vehicle track-and-trace

Visy AREA monitors and shares location information and identification details of vehicles (for example license plates) in cooperation with an existing system base, such as a CCTV network. The solution combines vehicle tracking with recognition information (ANPR, LPR) at entry and exit points. Vehicle details are available throughout the monitored area, and locations and travel paths can be plotted in real time on a 3D map, such as Google Maps.




Ideal addition to existing area surveillance and vehicle recognition
Better parking optimization and easier observation of area traffic
Vehicle locations can be monitored on a 3D map, such as Google Maps

Visy's vision technology applications are flexible and secure solutions for traffic planning and analysis.