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Automatic Container Damage Detection

Visy Automatic Container Damage Detection System (ADDS) is the first commercially available solution for automatic container damage inspection. The solution […]
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Visy Alarm Gate

Visy Alarm Gate is a system module with nonstop 24/7 operation for traffic control in law enforcement, customs, and border […]
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Smart Traffic Management System | Visy Access Gate

Visy Access Gate is a highly versatile access and area control environment designed to automate and manage all traffic of […]
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Vehicle Booking System | Enhanced Efficiency

Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is a solution for booking, preparing, and managing visitor traffic. Our Vehicle Booking System provides terminal […]
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Container OCR | Visy Truck OCR Portal

Visy Truck OCR Portal’s recognition equipment and software create a single intelligent traffic management environment: The portal solution combines Visy’s […]
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Gate Operating System | Visy Access Gate

Visy Access is a Gate Operating System (GOS) designed to streamline and automate terminal gate processes. The modular access control […]
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