Visy finalizes Access Gate installation at Eskilstuna Combi Terminal

To enable future growth of one of Sweden’s most important intermodal terminals, Visy has installed their state of the art vehicle OCR system in the summer of 2014. By using day/night IP cameras, line scan cameras and outdoor self-service kiosks at this modern terminal close to Stockholm, Visy is confident that Eskilstuna Logistik is ready for any traffic growth.

With the new automated gates installed, Eskilstuna Logistik is able to increase productivity, improve security and have access to very high quality damage inspections pictures. At the main gate, multi megapixel IP cameras capture and recognize front license plates both during day and night times. Access to the Eskilstuna Logistik terminal area is then only granted to vehicles with a valid permit. Inside the area, line scan cameras capture information from all sides of the vehicles for both incoming and outgoing traffic. Visy IRIS uses neural networks to automatically recognize relevant information such as type of vehicle, license plates, trailer numbers and dangerous good labels. The captured information is integrated with Hogia terminal operating system and gate personnel benefit from high quality pictures through the easy to use Visy Access Gate user interface to inspect all vehicles for damages. Truck drivers will be using outdoor self-service kiosks to enter their visit details and tasks, interacting directly with the TOS and further optimizing the gate process.

Using front license plates as identifiers for vehicles, the dependency on paper work will decrease. Among the benefits are less errors in handling trucks at the gates and reliable monitoring of all in- and outgoing traffic with all pictures saved for any damage inspection and claims handling.

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