Visy provides an access control system for Tokmanni’s new logistics center

Visy has provided its Visy Access Gate access control system for Tokmanni’s new logistics center. Tokmanni is one of the leading discount retail chains in the Nordics, and has established its position with a network of over 200 stores and versatile online shopping. In addition to its stores in Finland, in August 2023, Tokmanni acquired the Swedish chain Dollarstore, which also operates in Denmark under the name Big Dollar.


New logistics center

Since 2008, the administration and logistics center of Tokmanni has been located in Mäntsälä, southern Finland. To increase capacity, a new logistics center was built next to the existing facility in 2023. During spring 2024, all logistics operations will be moved to Mäntsälä.

Truck traffic in the logistics centers will be heavy. 150-200 daily vehicle visits set strict requirements for an access control system. “The whole transaction process has to be smooth and quick, and information about vehicles and cargo has to be instantly conveyed between different systems,” says Jarkko Jousmäki from Tokmanni logistics.


Automatic gate operations

During the last few years, unprecedented challenges in the supply chain have set strict demands for planning logistics operations. Specifically, this means requiring better visibility and control of the arriving flow of cargo.

“For the new logistics center, we wanted an automated gate that can be remotely controlled from the manned gatehouse in the existing facility. This process would enable us to close the freight office that was used previously,” Jousmäki tells. Developing the supply chain together with the new access control model set the need for acquiring a suitable and modern system.


Required features and functionalities

General requirements

  • The system must enable the operation of an unmanned gate in the new logistics center
  • Optimizing the incoming flow of goods to the two logistics centers; deliveries should be automatically routed to the right logistics center at the right time
  • Centralizing multiple traffic flows within one system and managing various electronic documents
  • All activities regarding the incoming flow of goods must be transparent, predictable, and controllable
    • Knowledge of what is coming and at what time; vehicles are directed to optimal platforms without human resources

Freight transport and security

  • The access control system is intended to enhance and improve the flow of traffic, the quality and accuracy of receiving goods, as well as to increase the safety of the area
    • Every vehicle entering the area is identified and authorized
    • Vehicles do not have to stop at the gate and freight office
    • Turnaround time is shortened and the unloading process becomes more efficient
    • The system can be used to monitor and report the turnaround time and to ensure that no extra vehicles are left in the area
    • Traffic is more controlled and therefore safer
    • Optimizing unloading areas and human resources, which provides efficiency and cost savings

System use and development

  • The system enables reporting and therefore further development and enhancement of operations
  • Developing the system is possible in the future according to changing needs
  • The system and equipment must be operationally reliable and utilization rate must be very high
  • A system that is already in use elsewhere with strong references
  • Easy to use and visually clear system both for Tokmanni and transport companies and suppliers
  • High-quality support and maintenance services with a short response time



Visy selected as access control supplier

Tokmanni began to explore their needs and functionality requirements for the new access control system well in advance.

“We defined our own vision of the operation and the requirements for the new system. Of course, we also took into account the changing operating environment from the point of view of the supply chain, as well as the changes that would come with the new logistics center under construction. At the same time, we actively began to survey various operators and solutions,” says Jousmäki.

“Through the survey, we noticed that there are relatively few potential and sufficiently experienced system suppliers. We also felt that the supplier’s nationality was a particularly important factor for the success of the project, not to mention the support and maintenance services or further development of the solution. However, the most important factor for us was that the chosen system is already in use by significant domestic operators.”

“After we found Visy, things started to progress very quickly following the first contact. There was already a partially ready solution for our needs, which was already in use in several locations in Finland. Right from the start of the project, Visy’s experience and expertise in access control solutions and projects was apparent – we spoke the same language. Our wishes and customization requirements did not seem impossible; a solution was found for everything.”


Access control system by Visy

Visy supplied the comprehensive Visy Access Gate platform, which handles vehicle identification, controlling field equipment, and also traffic management that is not necessarily related to goods deliveries, such as the staff entry and security services.

Goods delivery traffic is managed with the Visy Booking System software, which is seamlessly integrated to the Visy Access Gate platform. Visy Booking System consists of a web portal for registering shipments, a web-based management application for Tokmanni personnel, as well as integrations with other systems.

The database and application servers of the system are installed in Microsoft’s Azure environment, which means that field equipment are the only physical devices in the system.

Visy delivered a web application for managing haulage jobs, which is part of the Visy Access Gate platform.


System integrations

Visy Access Gate is integrated with the enterprise resource planning system of Tokmanni, so that the shipments and system references can be linked together. Shipments are registered in Visy’s web portal, which requires a valid reference number. The reference numbers are managed in the ERP, from which the information is transferred to Visy’s system. An appointment for a shipment is created when the information is correct and matches each other in the systems.

In addition, transportation history data is transferred from Visy to Tokmanni, which is used in, for example, reporting realized unloading times and comparing the appointed arrival times of vehicles with their actual arrival times.


Delivery and commissioning

The delivery and commissioning of the system have progressed well and in close cooperation with Tokmanni. In order to tailor the access management system precisely to Tokmanni’s needs, weekly follow-up meetings have been held throughout the delivery.

“Visy has a really good understanding of what we want from the system, as well as expertise in high-quality equipment, which comprehensively automated traffic requires. Installations and project management are also handled with professionalism,” Jousmäki says.


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