Visy selected to supply Gate System to Ports of Stockholm

Visy wins in Stockholm

Visy has been awarded a contract to supply and service a multi-site/multi-tenant Visy Access Gate Operating System (“GOS”), as a subcontractor to Swarco, to the Ports of Stockholm terminals in Värtan and Kapellskär.

The Visy Access GOS will allow for the expected increase in passenger and ro-ro traffic, improve customer service, and enhance security, therefore playing an important role in the expansion and modernization of the entire port community.

The Visy Access GOS enterprise solution will manage the entry-and-exit traffic flow of personal vehicles and ro-ro cargo, and ensure that each asset arrives at the correct terminal and ship in the correct loading order. The system plays a crucial part of the ports’ Intelligent Transportation Solution (“ITS”) initiative. The Visy system at the port will include modules for port-wide access control, communicating with the traffic guidance system, communicating with the local terminal operating system (“TOS”), managing pre-booking information from the ferry companies’ IT systems, automatic length and height measurement of car and truck traffic, high-resolution damage imaging, and driver and permit identification.

The Visy system delivery will take place in phases consistent with the Ports of Stockholm’s renovation and construction schedule. The new facilities will be fully operational in late 2016.

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