Visy TopView – A New Angle for Terminal Automation

Visy TopView spreader OCR system was featured in this month’s Port Technology E-Journal, themed Enhancing Container Terminal Operations. Starting on page 26, Visy’s Sales and Marketing Director John Lund explains the benefits that terminal operators gain when spreaders are transformed into smart data collection points.

Port Technology E-Journal, Edition 126: Enhancing Container Terminal Operations

“Visy TopView is a universal optical character recognition solution that fits any type of spreader on any container handling equipment. TopView delivers results regardless of whether the operation commences over vessel, truck, train, or yard.”

“Artificial intelligence and vision technology have become mission-critical components in modern container terminal operations. The system recognises worn, scratched, and only partially visible numbers faster and more accurately than a human.”

“TopView presents a massive opportunity for terminal operators. In this new era of terminal automation, modern operators are taking advantage of vision technology to make prudent business decisions, offer better customer service, and reach new levels of productivity.”