Visy will deliver automatic gate systems to two sites in Egypt

Visy has won a contract to supply five line-scan damage inspection portals for two sites in Egypt.

Visy has been awarded a contract to supply its revolutionary line-scan damage inspection imaging technology, as part of a gate operating system (“GOS”), to Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company (“Alex Cont”) in Egypt. Of the five portals that have been ordered, three will be delivered to Alexandria and two will be delivered to Dekheila. The Visy system is being supplied through Egyptian Maintenance Company (“EMC”), Visy’s local partner who has a long-standing relationship with Alex Cont, and with the support of PRIME Trading & Contracting, Visy’s representative in Egypt.

Each of the five portals will be equipped with line-scan imaging for damage inspection and optical character recognition (”OCR”) to read container numbers and license plates. Each portal is also equipped with a video surveillance camera to enhance security. The portals are designed to accommodate oversized vehicles and will allow vehicle throughput without a height restriction. Alexandria and Dekheila each have their own networks and separate servers so the two sites are operating two distinct Visy systems.

“We are very happy to have our first order from Egypt,” said Petri Granroth, Managing Director at Visy. “With the help of reliable partners such as EMC, we are able to deliver our technology wherever it’s needed. This project marks a great step for Visy as we begin to actively pursue work outside of Europe.”

“The Visy systems will be great for the local terminal operators,” said Essam Sobhy, Sector Manager at EMC. “Visy’s system will manage all the complex gate processes, therefore accelerating and optimizing the overall gate and terminal activities. The Visy solution will improve Alex Cont’s key performance indicators including, minimizing truck processing time, and maximizing terminal productivity. Everyone is excited about the project.”

Delivery of the Visy system will be concluded in the second half of 2015.