Sales & Marketing Director John Lund’s interview in the Jan/Feb issue of Container Management

Could a career and working life be enabling factors in pursuing one’s leisure interests? Read the article to learn whether Visy’s Sales and Marketing Director John Lund believes so, how he ended up working at Visy, and which leisure activities he enjoys in his free time.

Q: “How did your life take you from the US to Finland with Visy?”

A: “Various parallel tracks of my life crisscrossed to create the opportunity. As part of my under-graduate degree, I studied abroad in Prague and there were a bunch of Finnish students on the same programme. Every day after class, I would train in the gym before heading to the pubs and clubs, which amused them a lot. One night someone had a lightbulb moment and thought the perfect sport for me would be something called wife carrying. When I returned to the US, I found that the American championships were only four hours away in Maine so I decided to enter. I was pretty good at it and became American champion a few years later. Having worked on fundraising for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, I went on to do a professional development course. For the final project, I put together a fundraiser for Team USA to head to Finland for the wife carrying race. That got me back in touch with the Finnish students from my university course. I went to Finland, finishing in sixth place in the world championships and then ended up meeting the people from Visy. We just hit it off and I ended up staying here for four years. I’ve since been in the UK, Austria and the US but I’m back in Finland now.”



CM Jan / Feb 2022

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