Visy’s Spreader OCR System TopView Live in Estonia

Visy was selected by Transiidikeskuse Terminal in Estonia to increase quayside automation with its TopView spreader OCR application, the revolutionary imaging and OCR system for container handling equipment (“CHE”) spreaders.

TopView is comprised of multiple, highly robust cameras attached to spreaders that point towards the containers during lift and drop operations. The cameras capture high-resolution images which are used for container code identification by optical character recognition (“OCR”) and damage inspection. TopView works in conjunction with Visy’s Gate Operating System (“GOS”) and OCR applications to automate terminal processes. The system accommodates cranes operating with single, twin, tandem and quad spreaders.

For terminals that require boxes to be identified on the quay, TopView provides a cost effective means of identifying the numbers on the roof of the boxes. Because ISO boxes have container codes in two locations on the roof, the camera system captures two sets of codes with a single event. By then placing cameras on the outreach and backreach of an STS crane, Visy’s Crane Gate application captures container codes from four different locations on single and twin operations and three locations on tandem and quad operations. The result is that the OCR hit rates will be as high as systems with three times as many cameras, thus significantly reducing the cost of ownership of such a high-performing system.

Read full press release: Press Release – Visy Spreader OCR – 7 June 2016.