WorldCargo News: Gate and yard automation with Visy’s container OCR system for MGTP

WorldCargo News featured an article about the ongoing automation project at Montreal Gateway Terminals, which includes a container OCR system from Visy, a terminal tracker system by IDENTEC, and integration by Remprex in the two largest container terminals in Montreal. Here are some excerpts from the article.

“For the OCR and AI component for reading container numbers, MGTP (Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership) selected Finland’s Visy Oy, which has developed TopView spreader OCR that can reliably capture images from cranes and mobile equipment. MGTP selected Visy to supply TopView, plus two rail OCR portals for the on-dock rail interchange and crane OCR for the STS cranes. Visy will also supply its core Visy Access Gate application and database.”

“To begin with Remprex installed a pilot system covering one RTG and two terminal tractors. The results have been impressive, IT Director Martin Tremblay said. The Visy OCR and AI technology is reading container numbers with an accuracy of 99.5% to 99.7%. Integration with the equipment means the system delivers real-time container inventory without any manual confirmation that a move has been completed, and there is no need for operators to confirm job orders and move instructions over radio.”

“The pilot also demonstrated the system components can operate in Montreal’s harsh winter conditions. For heavy snow conditions that obscure the number on the top of a container the RTG was equipped with a side camera on the legs. The camera units are internally heated and can operate in temperatures as low as -40℃. They need to be cleaned periodically, which Tremblay said can be accommodated within the routine maintenance schedule.”

“The system will include an exception handling process, which has not been finalised at this point. Tremblay said the Visy OCR and AI technology is so good at picking out a container number that exceptions are not easy to resolve. “If AI can’t read it a human will struggle”, he said. Exceptions may require a process for physically inspecting the container.”


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