Visy ADDS – The Digitalisation of Damage Inspection

Sales & Marketing Director John Lund gave insights for World Port Development magazine about the latest Visy-innovation, Automatic Damage Detection System. By reading the article, you’ll learn how ADDS can be inserted into different container handling operations around the terminal area. The article is insightful for every party that operates with containers, from container terminals to freight forwarders and shipping lines.

“It is safe to say that the issues surrounding damaged containers cost the industry billions of dollars per year. Damaged containers lead to spoiled cargo and containers with severe structural damage pose safety problems. Indeed, a container full of waterlogged iPhones, or a container with warped corner posts that causes a stack to collapse, will evoke a ripple effect of insurance claims, angry customers, delays, and safety issues. As a result, many container terminals have created processes to manage damaged cargo. However, until recently, those processes have been manual thus making them labour intensive, slow, error prone, and unpredictable despite the best efforts of management. Today, damage inspection is automated through ADDS. This process automation improves the terminal’s key performance indicators (KPIs) including truck turnaround times, lifts per hour, and overall profitability.”

Visy Article – JanFeb 2022