Visy Automatic Damage Detection System

World’s first automatic container damage detection system

Visy Automatic Damage Detection System is the first commercially available solution for automatic container damage inspection. The solution uses modern AI with vision technology to provide a real-time tool for detecting damaged containers. Non-stop operation, online monitoring, and automated alerts allow damage inspection without interrupting traffic. Visy ADDS enhances automation in container terminals, clears liabilities for damaged containers, and helps to protect cargo. 

Operate without interruptions

Visy ADDS automatically recognizes structural and surface deformities in containers, such as dents and bulges, when trucks drive through detection portals. Trucks no longer need to stop for manual damage inspections, which cuts the time spent at gate transactions and significantly decreases turnaround times. This also allows terminal operators to move manpower from the yard to the office. Visy ADDS can be inserted as an additional feature to Visy IRIS OCR portals, if automatic detection of other features such as license plates, container IDs, dangerous goods labels, door orientation, or seal presence is also required.

Protect your revenue and improve safety

Visy ADDS brings unprecedented advantages for entire supply chains by automating the container damage inspection process. The solution enables streamlined container repair services and helps terminal operators to shed insurance liabilities and damage claims for containers that arrive to the terminal already damaged. Visy ADDS also enhances the overall safety of facilities by preventing accidents and other hazardous incidents; damaged containers are stopped before they enter automatic handling stages, which helps to protect the goods inside and prevents additional damage when the containers are lifted or stacked. 

Clears liabilities for damaged containers
Decreases truck turnaround time
Enhances safety and security


Detects structural and surface deformities in containers (dents, bulges) 

Non-stop operation, no interruptions to traffic or workflow 

Easy to integrate into existing OCR portals 

Also detects license plates, container IDs, dangerous goods labels, seal presence, and door orientation 

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with TOS and other third-party systems

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