Service Kiosks & Apps

For smoother gate transactions

Visy Service Kiosks & Apps are self-service transaction checkpoints for terminal visitors. With the kiosks, visitors can complete all formal tasks of terminal visits, including registration, identification, and safety & security training. Smooth transactions with Service Kiosks & Apps cut down visitors time used in the gate area and the need for gate clerks, therefore reducing operating expenses, minimizing processing time, and eliminating congestion.

The modular solutions contain a large selection of advanced features and equipment, including a wide range of RFID options, biometric readers, intercom devices, and ticket printing. External design, user interface, and functionalities of the solution are customizable to match customers’ requirements and preferences. All applications and solutions are user-friendly with easy steps and instructions to keep the whole transaction journey as simple and efficient as possible.


Self-service kiosks for visitor access, registration, instructions, mandatory safety training, etc.

Customized applications (UI appearance, external design) and flexible configurations

Identification tools: RFID, Biometric readers 

Interaction tools: Intercom devices, Ticket printing, etc. 

Decreases gate transaction time
Improves safety and security
Reduces operating expenses

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