Visy Crane OCR

Automatic container ID and marking recognition with SideView and TopView solutions

Visy Crane OCR automatically detects, imagesand identifies container IDs, IMO and ADR labels, door direction, seal presence, and other properties while containers are being lifted by cranes. Visy Crane OCR consists of Visy SideView and/or Visy TopView solutions with Visy IRIS OCR and AI recognition software which together feed container identification data to terminal operating systems (TOS).

Crane operations are a vital part of container terminal functions, therefore transforming cranes and other container handling equipment (CHE) into an intelligent ecosystem instantly increases terminals handling volume while also allowing safer operations.

Visy SideView

Visy SideView recognizes container markings and seal presence, and images all sides of a container for damage inspection purposes. The solution is integrated with PLC to trigger the recognition process, and the two HD-resolution OCR camera lifts with efficient illuminators are mounted on sea-side crane legs to catch every container regardless of flying path or lifting location.

Visy TopView

Visy TopView identifies container IDs from the roofs of containers. The system consists of robust cameras installed in the middle and both ends of spreaders with efficient illuminators to recognize and capture high-quality images regardless of the time of day or environmental condition. Visy TopView supports operators’ work order by preventing time-consuming false moves, and the solution recognizes every container and verifies that (un)loading processes proceed exactly as planned.

Increases throughput capacity
Improves safety and security
Clears liabilities for damaged containers


Automatic recognition of container IDs, ISO codes, IMO labels, door direction, seal presence, gross weight, number and position of containers in twin and tandem lifts, operation type (discharge/load)

Terminal tractor identification features with both OCR and RFID

High-quality images from all sides enable retrospective inspection of containers’ condition 

Interface with PLC allows recognition and imaging regardless of lifting position or flying path 

Extensive data exchange and smooth interface with third-party systems (TOS, POS, ERP)

Available for any crane type / CHE  

Customizable user applications

QQCTN’s intended single crane handling efficiency was 40 boxes per hour. With the help of Visy Crane OCR, in April 2020 the terminal created a new world record by handling 44.6 containers with a single crane.

Victor Zhang, Eagle Vision