Gate Operating System – Visy Access Gate

Flexible and modular access control ecosystem

Gate Operating System (GOS) – Visy Access Gate is designed to streamline and automate terminals’ gate processes. The flexible gate operating system and access control ecosystem manages all vehicle and cargo traffic with intelligent system features that optimize operations and allow you to effectively handle vast volumes of gate transactions.

gate operating system

Flexible Gate Operating System

Visy Access Gate GOS covers all access and area control needs with a wide selection of recognition technologies and management tools. The important part of the advanced gate operating system is Visy OCR Portal‘s AI and OCR software with line scan and area scan cameras to capture high-quality images and to recognize container, trailer and vehicle identifiers in any environmental condition.

In the gate area, the needs of both security and logistics are supported with access control features and traffic guidance equipment such as OCR & ANPR cameras, self-service kiosks with several RFID options, intercom devices, barriers, and info displays. Visy Access Gate GOS and Visy’s access control environment is an adjustable system entity which can be easily expanded and scaled alongside changes within operations.

Practical tools for managing traffic events

Visy Access Gate GOS complements terminals’ existing intelligent networks with unbeatable integration possibilities. The solution’s desktop and web-based user applications enable efficient management of access permits, traffic and cargo while reporting functionalities support planning and identifying operational bottlenecks.

As a complete management solution, integration to third-party systems (TOS, POS) or additional recognition devices is smooth. Visy Access Gate GOS delivers the benefits of a flexible and modular access and area control ecosystem.

gate operating system

Saves time and money on every transaction
Increases throughput capacity
Improves safety and security


Visy IRIS OCR Portal for automated imaging and recognition container IDs, ISO codes, IMO and ADR labels, seals, container weight, vehicle length, terminal tractor ID, trailers etc.

ANPR software for license plates (supports wide range of nationalities)

Identification options for vehicles, personnel, and customers
(RFID, UHF, HID, Desfire, Biometrics, etc.)

Visy Service Kiosks & Apps – Self-service kiosks for registration, visitor access, instructions, mandatory safety training, etc.

Gate area equipment: Barriers, Gates, Turnstiles 

Area guidance equipmentInformation displays, Traffic lights 

Truck scales




VISY ADDS for automatic container damage detection

Visy Virtual Trigger – Software option to trigger recognition events

Workstation and web browser applications for access control, permits, traffic management

Management tools for reporting and performance analysis

Extensive data exchange and interfacing with third-party systems

Intelligent Logics and Interfaces: VISY IO (logic connectable to all possible gate equipment), Profibus, XML 

"After implementing the Visy Access Gate GOS, Port of Cork has experienced improved terminal performance, reduced truck waiting times, and above all, more satisfied customers. "

Port of Cork, Ireland

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